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Duque aims for the minimum wage in Colombia to rise 10.7% in 2022

The president of Colombia, Ivan duque, assured this Sunday that he works in the annual negotiation of the minimum salary with businessmen to ensure that by next year it rises 10.07% and thus it is possible to exceed one million pesos (US $ 257).

“I believe that our goal is that we can close an agreement for the workers of Colombia that allows us to fulfill that dream, which was also a promise of our campaign, to reach a million pesos without the aid of transportation, only with the salary, ”Duque told the media from the island of San Andrés, where he is visiting.

Last year, businessmen and the Government agreed to set the minimum wage at 908,526 pesos (about US $ 259.76 then), plus a transportation aid of 106,454 pesos (more than US $ 30), which represented an increase of 3.5% Over the previous year.

The devaluation of the currency, however, means that the million pesos that the Government intends to negotiate for next year is equivalent to less dollars than the previous minimum wage negotiated, with inflation in the country at 4.86% so far. anus.

If it succeeds, the 10.07% increase announced would be “the highest increase in the minimum wage in real terms in more than 40 years,” according to the president, who was optimistic about achieving that goal due to the bosses’ predisposition.

“We have gone through very difficult times in 2020, our economy is recovering dynamically, we are going to have the highest economic growth of this century and we also see a great desire in entrepreneurs to do something that is significant and forceful for the Colombian people, ”he said.

According to the Great Integrated Household Survey (GEIH), published by the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), last year more than half of Colombian employees (more than 10 million) earned the equivalent of a minimum wage or even less.

Of these, 6.1 million people (just under a third of the Colombian workforce) did not even reach half of the minimum, 450,000 pesos per month.


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