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Afghans fleeing Pakistan lack water, food and shelter after crossing the border

Afghans fleeing Pakistan lack water, food and shelter after crossing the border

The afghans who flee from Pakistan To avoid arrest and deportation, they sleep outdoors, without shelter, food, clean water or adequate bathrooms once they cross the border into their homeland, aid agencies said Sunday.

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans have left Pakistan in recent weeks as authorities hunt down foreigners they say are in the country without legal authorization, going door-to-door to check their documentation. Pakistan has set an October 31 deadline to leave the country or face arrest as part of a new anti-immigrant crackdown.

Afghans leave Pakistan through two main border crossings, Torkham and Chaman. The Taliban have set up camps on the other side for people to stay in while they wait to be transferred to their place of origin in Afghanistan.

Aid agencies say Torkham does not have adequate shelter. Access to drinking water is limited, there is no source of heat other than bonfires, there is no lighting or bathrooms. There is open defecation and poor hygiene. UN agencies and aid groups are setting up facilities as thousands of people enter Afghanistan daily.

Kayal Mohammad lived in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar for 17 years. He has five children and was deported to the Afghan border almost a week ago. He told The Associated Press that he is not allowed to take any household belongings with him. Everything he and his family own remains in Pakistan.

His seven-year-old daughter Hawa cries because she is cold. She has tea for breakfast in a cut plastic bottle and sleeps without blankets.

His father appealed to the international community. “We cannot ask the Taliban government,” said. “They have nothing because they have not yet been recognized as a government. There are families who have nothing here, no land, no home. They simply live outdoors. Nobody helps”.

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