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General Motors and its workers in Canada reach an agreement to avoid a strike

General Motors and its workers in Canada reach an agreement to avoid a strike

General Motors (GM) and the Canadian union Unifor announced this Tuesday that they have reached a provisional agreement for the signing of a collective agreement a few hours after the workers of the manufacturer of automobiles were declared in strike.

Unifor President Lana Payne said in a statement that GM has accepted the union’s demands for the strike of about 4,280 workers at the Oshawa Assembly Plant, St. Catherines Powertrain Plant and Distribution Center. of Woodstock spare parts.

“Faced with the shutdown of these key facilities, General Motors had no choice but to take it seriously and accept,” Payne explained.

The tentative agreement, which now must be ratified by GM workers in Canada, is the same as one Unifor reached with fellow automaker Ford in late September.

Among other measures, GM is committed to raising salaries by between twenty% and a 25% (depending on the occupation), pay aid to its workers starting in December 2024 to compensate for the increase in the cost of living and reduce the period necessary to advance between salary categories from eight to four years.

For its part, GM said that workers who had gone on strike will return to their jobs in the coming hours.

With the announcement of the strike this Tuesday, GM was facing two simultaneous labor protests, one in Canada and another in the United States, where the United Auto Workers (UAW) union has been on strike since September 15 at two assembly plants and 18 company spare parts distribution centers.

The Canadian union Unifor began strikes at the three GM plants in Canada in the early hours, but the agreement has ended the strike.

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