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Time change coming this month.  Will we change our clocks for the last time in October?

Time change coming this month. Will we change our clocks for the last time in October?

Time change coming this month.  Will we change our clocks for the last time in October?

On the last weekend of October, Poland will change from summer to winter time. We will then move the clocks back one hour. Many Europeans support the abolition of time change regulations, and the European Union has taken steps in this direction. Despite this, we will probably still have to change our clocks in the coming years.

At the end of October, we will switch from summer time to summer time in Poland. Research has shown that many people have a negative attitude towards official regulations in this area. However, everything indicates that the next time change will not be the last. This is related to the decision of the European Commission, which imposed specific obligations regarding time changes on all EU member states.

Change from summer to winter time 2023. On October 29, we will turn our clocks back one hour

The change from summer to winter takes place on the last Sunday in October. This year it will take place on the night of October 28-29. We will then set our clocks back one full hour, from 3:00 to 2:00. The next change, when we switch from winter time to summer time, is planned for March 2024.

Will the time change be abolished? 84 percent of European Union residents were in favor

Many people suggest giving up the switch to winter and summer time. This issue was examined by the European Commission in 2018. According to the information, 4.6 million people from the Member States were asked for their opinion. The consultations showed that as many as 84 percent of respondents were in favor of giving up time changes.

EU institutions started work to respond to the results of these studies. However, the member states have not managed to reach a common position “neither on the abandonment of time changes, nor on the choice of time options, nor on the change or selection of a specific time zone or group of time zones.”

Therefore, in 2021, the European Commission issued a communication on time changes in 2022-2026. He obliged EU member states to prepare regulations “based on which the current arrangements will be continued with changes in time.” “This means that the next changes of time from winter to summer and from summer to winter will take place,” we read on the website of the Central Office of Measures.

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