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Not only from the 500 plus program.  These parents can get extra money for their child every month

Not only from the 500 plus program. These parents can get extra money for their child every month

At the beginning of the month, there were favorable changes in the Alimony Fund. We are talking about increasing the income criterion, thanks to which more people will benefit from it. How much is it from October 1, 2023? Has the benefit amount also changed?

The Maintenance Fund benefit is intended to support people who are entitled to receive maintenance, but for various reasons this does not happen. This applies to situations when payers turn out to be insolvent or avoid paying them. From October 1, 2023, a beneficial change will come into force, thanks to which more people will benefit. What is it and who can count on it?

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Maintenance fund and the income criterion. How much was it?

Benefits from the maintenance fund are due when: the family meets the income criterion. How much was it until recently? The family income per person could not exceed PLN 900 per month. If it was higher, the amount of alimony was reduced according to the principle “one zloty for one zloty”. Due to the increasing minimum wage, it happened that support from the fund was reduced and sometimes even suspended. Recently, the regulations have finally been slightly changed and the criterion has been increased. How much is?

Higher income criterion from October 1. Will more people benefit?

From October 1, 2023, a favorable change came into force for people who receive from . Namely, the income criterion has been changed. As we can read in , it increased from the previously mentioned PLN 900 to PLN 1,209 net. Importantly, however, the amount of the benefit does not change, as it still amounts to a maximum of PLN 500 per child. In addition, if the income criterion is exceeded, it will still be reduced. According to the website, the change may affect approximately 290,000. parents, because so many people do not pay child support for their children. Last year, the alimony debt amounted to PLN 13.9 billion. The record holder is a 45-year-old father from Greater Poland, who owes his children over PLN 867,000. zloty.

What should I do to receive a benefit from the alimony fund? This is the current debt

A benefit from the alimony fund is payable to a person entitled to alimony from a person who evades paying it, and therefore its enforcement is ineffective. To receive them, you must submit an application to the commune or city office. From August 1 of a given year, it can be done on-site, or from July 1 online via the Emp@tia portal. The benefit period runs from October 1 to September 30.

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