An almost two-year-old boy has died in New York due to his exposure to fentanyl, the drug that is devastating the American population.

The events took place in a New York single-story daycare where they took care of him. One Friday afternoon, he and two other children wouldn’t wake up from their nap. They were suffering a cardiac arrest. The little ones were taken to the hospital thinking it might be a carbon monoxide leak, but the police searched the place and found a kilo press.

“It is an item that drug traffickers usually use when they package large quantities of drugs,” Joseph Kenny, Chief of Detectives of the New York Police, explained in a press conference. They also found a kilo of fentanyl in the daycare. The owner of the premises and another man who lived there in a rented room are accused of murder and other drug charges, but the search is still underway for a third party.

For Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, this has been “a real wake-up call for those whohave opioids or fentanyl in their homes.” Nicolás has not been the only child affected by fentanyl, several parents and caregivers across the country have been accused of murder for exposing their children to this drug.

“Open this door and see Nicolás say ‘daddy’…” his sad father recalls. Now the family of Nicolás, a happy, cheerful and very intelligent boy, has to accept that they will not hear his voice again because of the fentanyl.