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Three out of ten Europeans consider living precariously, according to a study

Three out of ten Europeans consider living precariously, according to a study

almost three out of ten europeans declared to live in a precarious situation, forced to give up necessities such as food or heatingaccording to a report published Wednesday by the Ipsos institute based on 10,000 interviews in ten countries.

In detail, 49% of those surveyed in Greece said they were in this situation, against 22% of French or 18% of Germans, according to this study commissioned by the French NGO Secours Populaire.

The survey is based on interviews with people over the age of 18 from Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Romania and Serbia.

Due to “a difficult financial situation”62% of those surveyed limited their movements and 46% gave up heating their home despite the cold, figures similar to those of the study carried out a year ago in six countries.

“Due to falling purchasing power, more than a third of Europeans regularly restrict the amount of food they eat,” says the report.

Thus, 38% of those surveyed do not eat three meals a day, 39% give up buying meat and 10% go to associations to be able to eat.

The situation has “improved slightly” compared to the previous year in the countries hardest hit by inflation, such as Greece, but it is still “very worrying” in all the territories analysed, says Secours Populaire.

The NGO stresses that “exercising a professional activity does not guarantee having a comfortable financial situation”since 36% of the active people questioned ensure that they cannot cover all their expenses.

The survey was carried out in June online with a representative sample of 1,000 people from each country analyzed, says the institute.

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