Ronald Farina is the host of the new program 100 Ecuadorians say, Australian franchise with different editions in different countries. In the United States, Steve Harvey is he host of space known as Family feud, andn Mexico is hosted by Marco Antonio Regil in Say 100 Mexicansin Argentina, Chile and Bolivia also exists the show.

This family program finally premiered tonight in Ecuador and started with a warm animation from Ronald who also drives My name is Through Teleamazon. “When they told me about this project, which, although it is true, I have been on several programs, I felt that I had never done such a project before,” the television presenter confessed to this newspaper, explaining the reason explains why he decided to host.

As of now, social networks are happy about this fact because they denote people’s charisma Ronald and they’re comfortable with the jokes he made on today’s first broadcast at 7pm. 100 Ecuadorians say airs at the same time every night and is a trivia game where two teams have to answer questions previously put to 100 Ecuadorians. Whoever gives the most popular answer gets to participate and collect points. In the end, only one group can win and they will have a chance to collect the prize which can be up to $1500.

The Pipes and the auxiliaries were today’s teams at the grand premiere. Brianhis mother Analiahis brother-in-law Michael and your friend Hannibal They were part of Los Pipe’s, whose name represented the PIPES CLUB, a team of softball led by Brian. The Ecuadorian explained that the name comes from his son Felipe, who plays in the Miguel Valero competition and the Design Home competition, and that if he wins the biggest prize, he dreams of “raising my sister in the United States.” search and pick up stuff. for my team”.

The auxiliaries, on the other hand, were four friends from the hospital: Ricardo, Eduardo, Miguel and Edison. Three of them with different functions within the medical center and one of them, their care provider. They participated because they wanted to make a trip to Baños with the prize money, to enjoy and learn more about the country.

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The evening started with an easy question Ronald he asked a representative of each group: the superheroes are ready to save the world, If you were a superhero, what superpower would you like to have?. Answers like super strength and flying were the most common, The Pipe’s won the first round.

What’s the last thing you take off before going to sleep?, was the second question. The most common responses of the 100 Ecuadorians surveyed were: underwear, T-shirt, stockings, glasses, pants and makeup. The round was won by draw by the auxiliaries.

What would you give someone to brighten their day?: Flowers, a hug, a kiss, a dessert, money, good morning, a joke and a smile were the usual responses and once again Los Auxiliares won.

What popular games are played at children’s parties?: The donkey’s tail, the piñata, the set of chairs, bags, the spoon. This round determined the winner, the Pipes defeating Los Auxiliares and taking home $300 for their participation.

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Ronald introduced Easy money, an option available only to the winners, in this case Los Pipe’s. He gave them twenty seconds to answer quick questions; they had to reach 200 points to collect the prize money. Before they had $400, and if they managed to win, they had $1500.

The questions were: an object you can’t live without, what do you smell before using it, something purple, a fruit that contains seeds, an ingredient in onion. In the end, the Pipes missed the finish line and took home $400.