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Russia says Ukraine can avoid hardship if it agrees to its demands

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Russia said today that the authorities of Ukraine can normalize the situation and avoid the suffering of the civilian population if they agree to comply with Moscow’s demands. ”The Government of Ukraine has every chance to bring the situation to a head normalto fix the situation so that the demands of the Russian side are met and thus put an end to all possible suffering of the civilian population”, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said in his daily telephone briefing.

With these words, Peskov answered the question of how the Russian missile attacks in recent weeks, which have left a large part of Ukrainians without electricity, heating and water, corresponded with the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the need to prevent suffering to the civilian population.

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He stressed that the “Special military operation” in Ukraine has its goals and they are being met.

“Attacks against social facilities there was not and there is not”, said the Kremlin spokesman, adding that “as far as targets that are directly or indirectly related to military potential are concerned, they must be hit”.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in its daily war report on Thursday that the massive air, sea and ground-based long-range precision missile attack was directed against “Ukrainian military command and control system and related energy facilities.”

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“The goal has been achieved. All assigned objects were hit. As a result of the attacks, the transfer of the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, foreign weapons, military equipment and ammunition to the combat areas by rail was interrupted,” said the military spokesman Igor Konashenkov. Defense also maintained that “not a single attack was carried out against targets within the city of kyiv”, where three people died from the bombardments.

“All the destruction (…) in the city was the result of falling missiles from foreign and Ukrainian air defense systems located in residential areas of the Ukrainian capital,” Konashenkov said.

The Military Administration of the city of kyiv, pointed out last night on its Telegram channel that 31 missiles were detected in the sky of the capital, of which 22 were shot down by the Ukrainian defenseswhile stressing that “the residential sector was under enemy fire.”

He stressed that there was damage to certain critical infrastructures that caused the capital to be left in some areas without electricity and to suffer problems with the supply of water and heating.

70% of the city’s housing stock remained without electricity this morningalthough the water supply was restored on the left bank of the capital.

According to the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, 11 regions were completely without electricity after Russia launched some 70 missiles against the country’s energy infrastructure, and that “millions” of citizens remain without electricity after attacks on the electricity grid since last October. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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