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Albanian mafias set up schools for hitmen in Guayaquil

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Its appearance in South America was already registered in the early 2000s, its first point of action was Colombia, although over the years and the ambition to dethrone those who were the ‘dominant’ made them expand to other countries with little borders. controlled.

That is how Ecuador entered the radar of the Albanian mafias and this has been evidenced in the increase of agreements of the emissaries of the groups for the supply of cocaine between Colombian suppliers and various European mafias.

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The action of these groups focuses on creating shell companies to ship alkaloids mainly to the ports of Antwerp (Belgium) and Rotterdam (Netherlands).

The “school of hit men” on Las Cabras hill in Durán recruits 10-year-old children to sell drugs and trains them for crimes

The british daily The Telegraph revealed that the mafias are also promoting the so-called hitmen’s schools with children up to 10 years of age in Guayaquil, in sectors such as Pascuales. In these they are taught to load weapons, track targets and kill.

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One of the members, who had already killed 45 people in four years, revealed that they are expected to first kill someone from an opposing gang or even their own family in order to “demonstrate loyalty.” If they refuse, they are the ones killed.

“Everyone wants a piece of the cake,” Juan explained to the British newspaper about the fight they have between gangs in order to work with the Europeans.

Minors are used for contract killings. Photo: API

It is that now the murders are not only between them, they also target the children, prosecutors and journalists who reveal the connections they have.

The Telegraph cites intelligence sources from Ecuador who indicated that the Albanians are cooperating with various gangs at different points in the supply chain, seeing the one with the most territory and control to make it their favorite.

“We have to show the Albanians, the Mexicans, whoever, that we are serious and that we can do real business,” said one gang leader.

Those ‘easiest’ to convince are those who have no money or parents or who became addicted to the drug even if it derives an investment in training.

Drug found in one of the ports of Guayaquil. Photo: Courtesy Police

Juan also indicated that the Albanians have chosen to take the ‘best’ assassins to Europe paying them everything, an aspiration that has begun to beat among the rest. Despite the fact that he wants to start a new life, this young man knows that it will not be possible and it is foreseen that in five years he will be dead. “To someone somewhere, I’m just another score to settle.”

How is the transfer of drugs?

In Ecuador, so far this year, 144 tons of drugs have been seized in different cities of the country. On September 23, they seized 3.5 tons of drugs bound for Belgium.

For the supply of the drug, the Albanians have the south of Colombia and from Peru. After this, the Police revealed four ways to transfer the alkaloids.

The first, mentioned above, is the creation of front companies. The second is the opening of containers with legitimate exports and the use of cloned Customs stamps so that they go unnoticed.

Another mechanism is to hide in the cavities of container ships or intercept some cargo at sea and, finally, tie drugs to the hulls of ships docked in ports.

Source: Eluniverso

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