Two 16-year-olds have been arrested by order of the Naples Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office (southern Italy), accused of killing a homeless man who died in hospital after receiving a brutal beating near the bank where he slept and where he begged.

The arrest of the two young people, who have been sent to a juvenile center accused of voluntary manslaughter, occurred three days after the death of Akwasi Adofo Friederick due to severe head trauma and a brain hemorrhagereveal the local media.

Friederick, a 40-year-old Ghanaian destitute, died at the hospital where he was taken after being found in a pool of blood on the night from Sunday to Monday in a street in the town of Pomigliano d’Arco, near Naples.

The identification of the minors was produced thanks to the images of the public and private video surveillance cameras of the area, in particular that of one installed in a commercial establishment, which captured the violent and sudden unprovoked attack.

The defendants, who have been charged with the aggravating cruelty and futile motivesThey attacked the victim, kicking and punching him numerous times, mostly to the head and when he was already immobile on the ground, according to what the carabineros (militarized police) explained.

In addition, during the search of the houses of both, clothes were allegedly found identical to those worn by the two murderers when they killed Friederick, who had already been attacked by a gang of youths some time ago.

On their social profiles toThey seemed like content that exalts violence, with images of knives and retractable sticks, the researchers explained. The City of Pomigliano d’Arco will bear the expenses of the funeral of the victim, who had arrived in Italy in 2012, as announced by its mayor, Lello Russo. “I congratulate the Carabinieri for their swift intervention and for having identified the alleged perpetrators of a heinous crime that has traumatized our entire community. Now let’s let justice take its course,” he declared.