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When is it and how to see live the impact of DART against a meteorite to defend the Earth

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A NASA project, which tests a technology to defend the Earth from possible dangers from asteroids or comets, will take place this Monday, September 26.

This is the DART mission: double asteroid redirection test and consists of a ground ship that will impact the asteroid Dimorphos 11 million kilometers from planet Earth. The impact will occur at 7:14 p.m. local time (6:14 p.m. in Ecuador; 11:14 p.m. GMT), according to NASA.

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The spacecraft, built by the Johns Hopkins University Physics Laboratory, will be used to deflect Dimorphos, the smallest of a binary asteroid system called Didymos. It measures 160 meters in diameter and has a small moon called Didymoon orbiting Didymos every 11.9 hours.

The impact, which will not pose any danger to Earth, can be seen live on the official NASA TV channel.

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According to the institution, the public will also be able to follow it live on the agency’s social media accounts in English on Facebook, Twitterand YouTube.


Source: Eluniverso

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