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President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, questions leftist governments for choosing which human rights to defend

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The Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, was invited to a discussion at Columbia University, in the United States, in his speech he questioned to those leftist governments that have “a double standard” when it comes to Human Rights.

Boric emphasized the situation in countries like Venezuela or Nicaragua. The president showed his annoyance with those sectors of the left that do not reject what is happening in these countries.

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“And aware that I am not the one to give lessons on each of the problems that the convulsive world in which we live lives, I thought that telling you about our recent experience as a country can help anyone who wants to listen to draw your own lessons,” the 36-year-old man who is seen as the new face of the political left in Latin America told the UN.

In addition, from Columbia University, the Chilean head of state recounted what he experienced during a visit to Venezuela in 2010. Boric pointed out certain arbitrariness committed by Hugo Chávez, then leader of the Venezuelan regime.

“It really bothers me when you’re on the left and then cYou condemn the violation of human rights in Yemen or El Salvador, but you cannot talk about Venezuela or Nicaragua. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the extreme right or extreme left. They are civilizing mandates. Respect for Human Rights cannot have a double standard”, highlighted the Chilean president in the conversation.

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“When I was a deputy I started asking questions about Venezuela. I asked myself questions. I went to Venezuela in 2010 when Chavez was still alive. And then I started to ask myself questions when I saw the repression of the protests and the manipulation of some elections. And I said, well, this is not right. We have to be able to criticize it. And the people on the left in Chile said no, no, no, no. You don’t talk about our friends. And I think that is completely wrong, ”said Boric in the intervention of him. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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