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Nobel Prize winners demand to regulate artificial intelligence, which they see as “extremely useful”

Nobel Prize winners demand to regulate artificial intelligence, which they see as “extremely useful”

Artificial Intelligence is “extremely helpful” for science but it is also “extremely important to regulate it from the beginning” because of the role it can play even in risky situations, such as armed conflicts.

This is how the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics considered it this Monday, anton zeilinger; of Chemistry 2022, morten meldaland Physics 1985, klaus von klitzingin the press conference that they offered about their participation as juries of the Rei Jaume I Awards, which will be decided this Tuesday in Valencia (east) in its eight categories.

Artificial Intelligence is extremely useful in science and we would like to use it, but it is also extremely important to regulate it from the start and have international regulation in place.“, considered meldal to questions about the focus of this thirty-fifth edition, which focuses on proclaiming the need to lose fear of AI through information and knowledge.

In this sense, he stressed that AI is “perhaps the most powerful thing that can be used in the defense industry” and that this technology, in this area, “It can create a problem with regulation if it is used in war conflicts”.

For his part, klaus von klitzing stated that this technologywill not create new knowledge” but, while scientists and researchers work to “do something new“artificial intelligence”looks back at the knowledge we already have and organizes it in a different way”.

Regarding the challenges facing AI, he highlighted the need to “good information that is not manipulated”, of transparency and regulation: “Most people don’t know how information can be manipulated, and we need transparency to detect how images can be modified, for example.”

He also stated this anton zeilingerwho nevertheless alluded to the advantages of artificial intelligence such as the development of quantum experiments “that the human being could not have achieved.”

Members of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry (bottom left to right), Professor of Theoretical Chemistry Johan Aqvist, Secretary General of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Hans Ellegren and Professor of Chemistry Olof Ramstrom address a press conference to announce the winners (on screen) of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, on October 5, 2022. – The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to a trio of US chemists. and Denmark which laid the foundation for a more functional form of chemistry.

However, he recalled that the AI ​​itself “can be totally stupid” and that its “intelligence“It depends on the human being”contribute your thinking”. Regarding the future, he has predicted that “There will come a day when you don’t even have to turn on your computer.”.

On all these developments, the Nobel laureates agreed on the need to know how to communicate scientific advances and their consequences for daily life, at a time when “the number of science journalists, of people capable of writing a good article on science, is decreasing more and more”, according to Zeilinger.

For the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, in the media landscape “a counter-opinion is sought for each opinion” and it is given a voice, pursuing a supposed balance that, he warned, makes non-scientific opinions visible, such as the one that, during the pandemic, questioned the efficacy of vaccines.

The problem is that politicians are faced with many different people’s interests and don’t know how to make a decision.”, pointed out Von Klitzing, who gave as an example the debate on issues such as the energy transition, in which he highlighted Spain’s ability to be “a beacon of development” of green energies.

Click chemistry and quantum physics

The laureate in Chemistry in 2022, Morten Meldal, alluded to the “chemistry click”, which studies mechanisms to join small units together to create substances quickly.

In his field, quantum physics, Klaus von Klitzing lamented that the general public is unaware of the real possibilities of the quantum, which is seen “like magic” and opined that quantum sensors will be widely used sooner, especially in industry, than quantum computers.

The quantum is natural, but it is a natural magic”, said Zeilinger, for whom “more than 50% of our national products will be based on the quantum technique”.

Source: EFE

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Source: Gestion

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