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AI poses “extinction” risk to humanity, say ChatGPT creator and other experts

AI poses “extinction” risk to humanity, say ChatGPT creator and other experts

World leaders should work to reduce “the risk of extinction“which means the artificial intelligenceasked this Tuesday a group of industrialists and experts from the technology sector.

The one-line statement was signed by dozens of specialists, including Sam Altman, whose company Open AI created the ChatGPT conversational robot last year, which allows you to create works of art or literature, essays and have a dialogue with a human being on any subject.

Artificial intelligence should be “a global priority along with other risks to society such as pandemics or nuclear war”, explained the text.

Critics of artificial intelligence warn of the possibility that an algorithm could take over essential activities for a society, such as energy supply or defense.

In addition, chatbots and other applications of the AI could cause the loss of millions of jobs.

This statement is not the first signed by industry experts, who while investing and attracting billions of dollars in the AIdeclare themselves in public intimidated by the possibilities of this new technology.

Two months ago other personalities, such as the billionaire Elon Musk, signed another public letter in which they requested a pause in the development of the AI until you can guarantee your total safety.

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