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Regulations for Fund 2.5 are approved and their inclusion in the Lot 95 contract is formalized

Regulations for Fund 2.5 are approved and their inclusion in the Lot 95 contract is formalized

The Technical Table of Lot 95 approved the Regulation of the Board of Administration of the Development Fund for the District of Puinahuapromoted by PetroTal, which aims to raise the quality of life of citizens throughout the jurisdiction.

Also, prior to the approval of the regulation, PetroTal and Perupetro signed the addendum to the License Agreement for Block 95 that establishes the figure of Fund 2.5 and an anti-corruption clause.

Thus, it seeks to ensure conditions for governance and transparency in the use of the fund’s resources, which receives 2.5% of the value of PetroTal’s audited production every fortnight, provided that the operation of the Bretaña Norte field of Block 95 (Loreto) and the transport of hydrocarbons through the district are not paralyzed by sociopolitical crises.

In the same way, it is projected to continue advancing for the operation of the fund, which will have more resources as the oil activity of Block 95 grows. “It is a model that seeks to bring benefits quickly and directly to the district where the oil is extracted, in view of the limitations of the current distribution of the oil canon, among other factors,” says the company.

The regulation establishes a board of directors that will have an initial council led by an executive committee, with representatives of the population, municipality, social organizations (JAP and Aidecobap), Perupetro, the academy and PetroTal.

In addition, the committee will listen to the contributions and requests of 18 delegates, one for each location in the district, and external members. You will also choose a technical management made up of experienced professionals who will provide you with technical advice and will supervise that the works are carried out using the best practices in project management.

In this line, it was highlighted that the preparation and approval of the regulation was the result of constant coordination between the members of the table and the socialization of the proposal with the people of Puinahua and its mayor, who offered their full support.

It is planned to allocate this fund to the most urgent demands of the population and promote the closing of gaps in services such as health, education, internet access, development of productive infrastructure and generation of resources for “post-oil” life in the district of Puinahua.

The Plenary of Congress approved, last Thursday, the opinion of the Economic Commission that modifies the distribution of the Loreto oil canon and supercanon. This proposal, promoted by PetroTal, will allow the jurisdiction of Puinahua, where the Bretaña Norte field of Block 95 is located, to receive 10% of the resources as a producing district. This is five times more than what he currently receives.

PetroTal hopes that the Executive will promulgate this law promptly for the benefit of the citizens of Puinahua, as well as all other producing towns and their respective provinces.

Source: Larepublica

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