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More than 36 thousand people displaced by floods in Italy

More than 36 thousand people displaced by floods in Italy

More than 36,000 people were displaced from their homes by the floods this week in northeast Italyregional officials reported Saturday.

About twenty rivers left their banks because of the rains on the plains of Emilia-Romagna, where 4.5 million people live.

The torrential rains that fell in the region in recent days, also caused landslides according to regional authorities. The water covered vast agricultural areas and destroyed crops.

Fourteen people diedaccording to media reports.

Because the rains continue, the regional authorities extended the red alert until Sunday.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said on Saturday that she would return early from the G7 summit in Japan due to the emergency.

“Frankly I can’t stay further away from Italy at this complex time,” he told reporters, and thanked 5,000 people, from rescuers to volunteers who mobilized to help the victims.

He also thanked the G7 leaders for offering help.

Meloni is expected to visit the worst affected areas on Sunday.

The authorities in ravenna They ordered on Saturday the immediate evacuation of the villages that are most at risk from the landslides.

A helicopter used to work on restoring electrical service crashed on Saturday near Lugo, and one of the four people who were going there was injured, according to firefighters.

The floods caused more than 305 landslides and affected more than 500 roads in the region.

The mayor of Bologna Matteo Lepore said on Saturday that he will take “months, and in some places even years” repair roads and infrastructure.

Source: AFP


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