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United Kingdom: Employees of train companies and teachers call new strikes

United Kingdom: Employees of train companies and teachers call new strikes

The workers of 14 train companies of the United Kingdom and the country’s teachers’ union called strikes on Thursday for June and July, respectively, in relation to their current labor disputes, their unions announced.

The RMT -union group that brings together the railway employees of 14 train companies in the country- reported today that its members will support a work stoppage on June 2 in relation to the current conflict that confronts them about their salaries, jobs and working conditions.

This industrial action will summon 20,000 railway managers, train personnel and station workers from a large part of the country to strike, and will foreseeably alter the routines of users of this means of transport.

RMT union leader Mick Lynch said today that the UK government “You can’t just wish this dispute would go away.”

For their part, the teachers will support new strikes in July -still to be determined- as long as the dispute between them and the Government regarding their working conditions has not been resolved by mid-June, the National Education Union announced today.

This is the second round of strikes organized by this union after a year of alterations for the country’s schools.

Members of the NUE -teachers’ union- in England have already called a three-day strike at the regional level and five strikes at the national level since last February.

That union group said today that Education Minister Gillian Keegan could avoid the stoppages if she addresses the problems faced by teachers over their salaries and other problems such as staff recruitment.

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