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“Let only God judge me”: He publishes a video accepting the guilt of a millionaire fraud and then locks himself in his bedroom to take his own life while the police raided his home

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Luis Oswaldo Espinoza Marín committed suicide after hundreds of people denounced him for a millionaire real estate scam. The event occurred in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, last Friday, August 5.

The defendant posted a video on his social networks explaining what happened, apologizing to his relatives and urging the victims not to retaliate against their loved ones, since they were not aware, El Universal de México published.

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He accepts the blame for a millionaire fraud and commits suicide

Agents from the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office proceeded to search Espinoza Marín’s home and when they entered, the subject fired twice into the air and seconds later, when the officials took cover, he shot himself.

The investigating police officers found his body in the bedroom, the weapon and a posthumous letter in which, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, he explains why he made the decision to commit suicide after being accused of millionaire fraud.

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Minutes before, Espinoza Marín published a video on his social networks where he acknowledged that he had lost everything because of “over-mortgaging” the real estate he had acquired with the investments of his clients.

“For 29 years I fully paid all the obligations to each and every one of my investors, now I can no longer move on, all the money they gave me from investments is invested in real estate that is mortgaged,” he began his story.

During the video, he said that his relatives had nothing to do with his actions. “Neither my relatives, nor my co-workers, nor my wife, nor my children, to whom I apologize as well as to my clients, fraudulently used the resources, the person responsible, ethically, civilly, criminally and historically, is me, I beg do not continue to retaliate against innocent people,” he said.

Luis Oswaldo also acknowledged that he deceived everyone, including his wife, whom he convinced to sign blank documents for him to manipulate.

“I can’t get on with my life. The last six months I feel mentally, physically and morally destroyed, I have lost everything, ”continued his story.

Espinoza Marín asked the authorities to protect his family, as he assured that some clients, whose identity he revealed, threatened him on different occasions.

“Let only God judge me”, thus concluded his message, published last Saturday, August 6 at 3:45 in the afternoon before the authorities arrived at his home.

He scammed 10 thousand people

Friday was when the story of Espinoza Marín began to be made public, when 130 people denounced and protested outside the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office against the company Professional Legal Advisors (AJP), to which they gave money for the acquisition of goods. real estate in exchange for commissions.

The Prosecutor’s Office collected 130 complaints, but according to those affected, there may be more than 10,000 victims, who also said that for a time, the office paid them monthly 2% of what they had invested and seemed to be a solvent business.

However, when they stopped receiving payments and began to investigate Luis Oswaldo Espinoza Marín, they discovered that the company was not registered and he was a person with no trace in any database.

The alarms went off and they began to protest and denounce. In two days, after receiving the complaints, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office investigated the subject and on Saturday afternoon they raided both the headquarters, located in the Ladrón de Guevara neighborhood, in Guadalajara, and his house, located in the Fraccionamiento Virreyes, in the municipality of Zapopan. (YO)

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Source: Eluniverso

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