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Venezuela and Bolivia sign gas and trade cooperation agreements

Venezuela and Bolivia sign gas and trade cooperation agreements

The governments of Venezuela and bolivian signed on Thursday 13 cooperation agreements in the field of Petroleum, gas, petrochemistry, trade, mining and services.

Bolivian President Luis Arce arrived in the country in the morning for meetings with his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro, and after the meetings, several of his ministers signed the agreements.

“The agreements that are being signed in the field of gas, oil and petrochemicals are lost sight of”Maduro said in a broadcast on state television from the government palace. “The advances of the Bolivian gas industry in recent years and the positioning in the heart of South America are admirable, we must learn from them”added the Venezuelan president with Arce at his side.

The Bolivian president said he was satisfied with the signing of the agreements and appreciated the “hospitality of the Venezuelan people”. The presidents did not give more details of the signed agreements.

Oil and gas production in Venezuela has been battered by years of divestment, compounded by the effects of US sanctions.

Maduro added that there will be an air alliance between the aviation companies of the two countries, to “to be able to unite the destinies”. (Reporting by Mayela Armas and Vivian Sequera.)

Source: Reuters

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