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World’s End? This is what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning

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With the recent theories about world collapse, there are many questions from people who are interested in knowing beyond what scientists can offer, for example, what would happen if the Earth stopped, considering that it is always in motion. constant movement of translation and rotation.

The planet moves around the Sun and rotates on its own axis. The answer to the great mystery of something that seems unlikely to happen or that, if it happens, will be in thousands of years, seems difficult, but it is very simple, published 20 Minutes.

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This is what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning

If the Earth were to come to a standstill, it would most likely be suddenly. Although in the event that this happens, the atmosphere would not stop and all the objects that are not anchored to the mainland would be thrown out, as well as the people.

In addition, hurricane-force winds would sweep away everything in their path and their friction with the earth’s surface would cause significant damage. This would happen because the rotation speed of the Earth is 11,670 km per hour and although it is too much, it cannot be noticed because we are always in motion.

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Now, if the braking of the Earth is slow, there would be no immediate destruction. However, there would also be catastrophic changes in climate and major geological adjustments.

The length of the year would not change and the day would go from 24 hours to one year. Each area of ​​the Earth would be illuminated by the sun for half a year, at high temperatures, and in the shade for the other half year, at too low temperatures.

That is, the Earth takes 365 days to go around the sun, while in 24 hours it rotates on its own axis and if it stops rotating, it would take that long to return to the starting point.

Finally, when the centrifugal force is lost, the flattened shape of the Earth would be lost, it would become a perfect sphere, which would cause a movement of the waters that would be distributed differently on the surface, flooding cities and even entire countries. . (YO)

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