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Musk wants to launch artificial intelligence company and compete with ChatGPT

Musk wants to launch artificial intelligence company and compete with ChatGPT

Elon Musk wants to join the race of chatbots with artificial intelligence (AI) -in which Google, with Bard, and OpenIA and Microsoft, among others, already participate, with the latest version of ChatGPTGPT-4- and launch his own company, according to the Financial Times (FT).

This information has been leaked to the press just a few weeks after the billionaire participated in an apocalyptic letter calling for the suspension of security systems for six months. AImore powerful than GPT-4″.

According to anonymous sources cited by the FT, the chief executive of TwitterSpaceX and Tesla have had discussions with several investors from the last two companies to participate in this new venture.

For the new project, Musk reportedly secured thousands of high-powered GPU processors from manufacturer Nvidia.

GPU chips are needed to build a large language model (LLM for abbreviation): artificial intelligence systems capable of ingesting huge amounts of content and producing human-like writing or realistic images, similar to the technology that drives ChatGPT.

Musk, who is also at the head of Neuralinka neurotechnology researcher, and The Boring Company, a tunneling start-up, have already begun hiring engineers to work on this project, according to the specialized press.

So far, Musk has hired Igor Babuschkin, a former DeepMind employee, and about half a dozen other engineers.

The AI ​​startup is separate from its other companies, though it could use Twitter content as data to train its language model and leverage Tesla’s computing resources.

The new company would allow Musk to take on Open AIa company specialized in AI of which he was part in the past.

Musk is a co-founder of OpenAI, was one of its early investors and rose to serve as co-chairman.

However, in 2018 it became a limited partnership (LP) and Musk left its board.

After the popularity of the ChatGPT launched by Open AI last year, Microsoft announced a “billion-dollar” investment in the company in January, and now the giant uses its technology.

In a preview of an interview with the Fox network that will air next week, Musk returns to show his concern about the future of AI.

“AI is more dangerous than bad production aircraft design or bad production cars,” Musk said in the excerpt published Friday. “In the sense that it has the potential, however small, to destroy civilization,” he added.

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