As a child, Ryan Gosling rubbed shoulders as a child actor with future stars like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake as part of the cast of the mickey mouse club, a program in which he participated since 1993, at the age of 13. While other kids had more screen time (producers deemed them more talented than Gosling), the young Canadian actor’s career seemed destined to make an impact in Hollywood.

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The role that cemented him as one of the rising stars in the industry was his role in The believer in 2001, a drama in which the artist played the role of a young neo-Nazi Jew. Then he starred in one of the most famous romantic movies in history: The notebookin which he starred with Rachel McAdams.

In 2006, he received his first Oscar nomination in the Best Actor category for his leading role in the film Half Nelson, in which he played a cocaine-addicted high school teacher. Gosling competed for the statuette with actors the size of Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Peter O’Toole and Forest Whittaker, who took the prize.

Gosling has become a viral internet phenomenon for some of the characters he played on the big screen in the 2010s, most notably the race car driver in drivers and Agent K Blade runner 2049. Both are calm and stoic characters, but they are forced to resort to violent methods to solve their problems.

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In Motivation, his character has no name and he is a voice actor who performs dangerous car stunts in movies. His other job is to remove criminals from different crime scenes. However, he soon falls in love and his criminal lifestyle clashes with his romantic aspirations.

The actor said he saw himself reflected in his character in Motivation: “When I read it (the script), trying to figure out who would do such a thing, the only way I could understand it was that this is a man who has seen too many movies and has started confusing his life with the plot of a movie. He’s lost in Hollywood mythology and has become a combination of all the characters he admires.”

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When he was a kid, he recalled in an interview with the portal Rotten tomatoeshe also specifically mistook his reality for that of a feature film first blood, from the Rambo saga. “First time I saw it First blood, the movie cast a spell on me and I started to believe I was Rambo. I went to school the next day and put knives in my equipment from Fisher Price Houdini and I threw them at some kids during intermission, and they abandoned me.

Fortunately, he did not hurt anyone, but his parents forbade him to see any more violent films. They only let him watch religious tapes (he grew up in the Mormon faith) and National Geographic. Movies, he said, always had a huge impact on him.

The actor’s magnetism has always been one of his strengths: despite often playing character roles that don’t show much emotion, Gosling’s facial expressions manage to convey a lot without being over the top at key moments when his characters finally explode .

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Now he gets a new challenge in the form of Ken in the new movie of Barbiethe famous puppet series, which will debut in theaters internationally in July 2023. The film was announced in 2009, but went through difficult periods of intellectual property switching and several changes of to pour. The current project was cemented with Margot Robbie as lead actor and producer in 2019, and Gosling was announced as a co-star in 2022.

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The plot of the film follows Barbie, a resident of Barbieland, who is expelled from her land for being a doll with imperfections. Ken is Barbie’s boyfriend, who supports her on her journey to the human world after her banishment from Barbieland.

Of all Gosling’s roles, Ken’s is the most notable. The images of the Canadian with dyed hair, toned abs and tanned skin caused a stir on social networks on the Internet when the announcement of the form from the movie. Gosling said in a short interview with US TV presenter Jimmy Fallon that he was struck by Ken’s status as a Barbie accessory.

“They never played with Ken, nobody ever played with Ken. He’s an accomplice, and not even one cool”, declared the actor. The protagonist of La La Land has two young daughters, who play with dolls, and said that after reading the script for Barbie He went to the patio of his house and saw Ken lying face down in the mud next to a squeezed lemon. He sent that photo to the director with the message, “I’ll be your Ken, because this story needs to be told.”