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Spain will preside over the EU in 2023 focused on cooperation with Latin America

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Spain will focus his period of presidency of the European Union (EU) of the second half of 2023 to strengthen relations with Latin America from the point of view of cooperation.

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The Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Pilar Cancela, highlighted the “great opportunity” that Spain has to be the “preferred interlocutor” with respect to Latin America.

“I believe that Latin America is a land of opportunity. Spain would not be defined as what it is without Latin America and, from the point of view of development cooperation, we have been cooperating with these countries for more than 40 years”, he said before opening a university summer course on the challenges of Spanish presidency of the EU in the city of Santander (north).

Therefore, “it is a consolidated cooperation, with structure, well established and well structured,” he said.

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Regarding the challenges that Spain faces when presiding over the EU, he indicated that the fight for equality and against sexist violence and “the gaze” towards Latin America are “fundamental”.

“Latin America is also a part of the board in which it is being played -he argued-, it has enormous potential and I think that Spain and Europe have to be in Latin America. This binomial binomial has to strengthen itself more in 2023 before the bloc of the United States, China or Russia”, she stressed.

Cancela hopes that Europe sees this relationship as a possibility for economic growth, investment or support for global strategies because “the look of Latin America balances the world board.”

“Latin America cannot be reduced to three or four countries, which are the ones of interest for political dialogue. Fortunately, Latin America is so much more,” he commented.

In this sense, he said that it is a very interesting moment: “Important changes are taking place in the different governments and I believe that a new stage of a very fruitful and very intense dialogue can open for us,” he concluded.

Source: Gestion

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