Have passed more than 400 days from the start of the war in Ukraine. But the end of the conflict is still not seen. Meanwhile, dozens of soldiers die every day. The fighting is still tough, but the front line It has barely moved, says Alberto Sicilia from there.

It was a year ago when the Russian troops withdrew from Buchathe place where they met dozens of corpses dumped on the sidewalks. It was then that it was known that the horror had more degrees of intensity. The corpses, which were scattered through the streets, were piling up in a corner of the cemetery.

Many of us would have liked this to be a movie set, but there it was, imposing, real life without embellishment. The stories of the victims are the kind that leave you speechless. Like Valentina’s, one of the deceased. She was killed three days before her withdrawal. She was about to go for water when she was surprised from behind.

It took several weeks to retrieve all corpses. Were more than 1,400 bodies of people shot by Russian troops in the middle of the street. Today that macabre episode in history is one year old. During the tribute, in the same city ​​of buchathe Ukrainian president demanded punishment for Russia, which continues to deny its responsibility for the events.

this victory changed the pace of the war. Now he could do the same with the city of Bakhmut, where the most heinous of battles is now being played out. Another city whose weight when falling will have the power to tip the scales.