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An injured protester at an environmental protest in France is torn between life and death

An injured protester at an environmental protest in France is torn between life and death

An injured protester at an environmental protest in France is torn between life and death

This past Saturday, activists tried to occupy an agricultural reservoir in Sainte-Soline to denounce the privatization of water. Violent clashes with the Police left 200 people injured, 40 of them seriously.

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Euskaraz irakurri: Manifestari bat hilzorian dago Frantzian, environmental protest batean zauritu osteon

A 30-year-old man who took part in Saturday’s environmental protest in Sainte-Soline, in west-central France, against agricultural dams is in critical condition and is torn between life and deathas reported by the Poitiers Prosecutor’s Office.

The man has a head injury resulting from a strong impact, while two other protesters were treated with absolute urgency: a 19-year-old woman suffering from facial trauma and a 27-year-old man with a broken foot.

In addition, a total of 29 gendarmes were injured, including 2 who are in an absolute emergency without their lives in danger, according to the balance of the Prosecutor’s Office, still “provisional”. Two journalists were also hospitalized with a relative emergency, according to the BFMTV network.

Prosecutor Julien Wattebled has announced a investigation “to determine the exact nature” of the serious injuries of a total of three protesters and “the circumstances in which” these people were injured.

200 injured, 40 of them seriously

The organizers, Land Uprisings, have assured that there are 200 injured demonstrators, 40 of them seriously, as a result of the violent clashes with the Police.

The demonstration was unauthorized and It brought together some 6,000 people, according to the authorities, 30,000 according to the conveners. The activists wanted to occupy the agricultural reservoir to denounce this practice, which they consider implies the privatization of a public resource such as water.

The government described the incidents as “wave of intolerable violence” for which he blames the protesters, but the organizers attribute responsibility for the clashes to the police.

This incident adds to the episodes of violence in the recent demonstrations against the pension reform, with serious disturbances and more than 400 detainees in the capital, Paris, last Thursday. Human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International have denounced the “excessive use of force.”

Source: Eitb

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