This Saturday there was a new installment of a key event for the advertising sector, some National Creativity Awards that vindicate the importance of that, of the creative and the unique in a panorama with so much content that it is immeasurable.

San Sebastián has been the scene of what is known as the ‘advertising oscars‘, a fundamental tool to connect with people, even more so with social networks as an amplifier of the content that reaches them.

Monica Moro, president of the Creative Club, highlights an important aspect such as the “attention economy”: “When there is good content, you keep watching it, you want to share it.” Day by day, creatives look for the most precious thing, to capture that attention.

Gustavo Lauria, founder of ‘We Believers’, considers that this creativity is shown in its greatest exponent by having “the freedom to create and propose new angles”. This also applies to the field of information, as he explains Ana Pastordirector of ‘El Objetivo’ of laSexta and founder of Newtral: “To get people’s attention, you have to be where people are. If they are in short videos of 30 seconds or 10 seconds, we also have to offer information” .

The final touch was a gala where the best were awarded, with the National Creativity Grand Prize for an advertisement that pays homage to sexual identity without holding back. There was also emotion with the ‘C de C de Honor’ award that the publicist received posthumously Miguel Angel Furones.