Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksii Danilovhas accused this Sunday the president of Russia, Vladimir Putinhaving converted to belarus in its “nuclear hostage” after announcing the deployment in that country of short-range tactical nuclear weapons.

“Putin’s statement is a step towards internal destabilization of the country: maximizes the level of negative perception and public rejection of Russia and Putin in Belarusian society,” the Ukrainian official said on his Twitter account.

The Kremlin has taken Belarus hostage nuclear“, he added. For his part, the Ukrainian presidential adviser, Mikhailo Podoliak, has limited himself to describing Putin’s announcement as an intimidation tactic that demonstrates, in his opinion, Russian weakness in Ukraine.

Putin is too predictable“, Podoliak pointed out on Twitter. “He has made a statement in which he admits that he is afraid of losing and all he can do is scare with this kind of tactics,” said the Ukrainian adviser, who has also indicated that, by making the announcement, the Russian president “has violated the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.”

Putin in his announcement on Saturday explained that the construction of the facilities for the storage of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus will be finished on July 1. These weapons will remain under Russian control.

In addition, he stressed that this shipment of nuclear weapons, in the face of Ukrainian accusations, does not violate non-proliferation agreements because The United States has nuclear weapons in other countries for years.

Belarus has already had for months Iskander tactical missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and Russia already has up to ten nuclear-capable combat aircraft deployed in Belarusian territory.

Putin denies a military alliance with China

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putinhas denied this Sunday a possible military alliance with China in the war in Ukraine and assured that its relations in this area with Beijing are limited solely to general cooperation.

Putin has come out of the way of rumors that pointed to a possible military link specifically aimed at the war in Ukraine between the two countries after the visit to Moscow of his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping.

“We keep a relationship in the field of military-technical cooperationWe do not hide it, but it is transparent, there is nothing secret,” the president assured in an interview with Rossiya 24 collected by the TASS and Interfax agencies.

“This we have,” he insisted, “it is not a military alliance; it is absolutely false“.

On the other hand, Putin has accused the United States of carrying out a plan to “globalize” its alliances in an international coalition beyond NATO against Russian interests, in the purest style of the Axis powers during World War II. World, in relation to Hitler’s German Reich, Italy and Japan.

“What is the United States doing? They are creating more and more new alliances, and this gives Western analysts, Western political scientists, reasons to say that the West is building new ‘axes,'” he added in the interview.

In particular, Putin recalled that in 2022 NATO agreed on a new strategic concept for the bloc’s development “where it is directly written that NATO is going to develop relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, with countries like New Zealand, Australia and South Korea”.

“In this document they declare their intention to create a ‘global NATO’. What do we call that?” added the president.

The US insists: it has no indication that Russia is preparing a nuclear weapon

The United States government has reiterated this Saturday that it has no information from the country’s intelligence indicating that Russia is preparing a nuclear weapon. “We have seen no reason to adjust our own strategic nuclear posture or no indication that Russia is preparing to use a nuclear weapon“, State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told CNN.

Patel, however, has stressed that the State Department “will continue to monitoring the implications” of the plan announced by Putin to move tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus.