At Bakhmut, Russia entrusted its offensive to Wagner’s mercenaries, but the forces Ukrainians say they have more and more control over the city. In fact, British intelligence suggests that Russia is removing the focus on this front to move it to other points.

For this reason, in the city of Kreminna, both troops maintain an intense pulse. “We fire 50, 60 and sometimes up to 100 rockets a day,” says a Ukrainian soldier in this regard. Despite this, Zelensky confesses that his army is unable to launch a counteroffensive in the east due to the lack of planes, tanks, artillery and rocket launchers, although he qualifies that Ukraine will never surrender: “Ukraine will not forgive such abuse of our peopleWe will not forgive these deaths or injuries.”

In addition, the Ukrainian leader defends that “every enemy position destroyed means a large number of lives saved“, and ensures that, with this situation, “the conditions are not at all” to resume hypothetical peace talks with Russia.

For his part, Evgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner mercenary group, has signed the pardon of 5,000 prisoners who, six months ago, were conscripted to go to war. Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense receives strong criticism from the front, like the one you can see in the main video that accompanies this story, where a soldier affirms that “161 men were recruited”. However, now only several dozen are left alive.

So, denounce en masse that they have been led to certain death in the assault on Vodyane, near Mariupol: “Many comrades wounded during the combat have been taken from the hospital without any type of medical assistance, and sent back to the front line,” denounces a Russian soldier.