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Fake honey is flooding the EU.  Most of it comes from China and Turkey.  “Scams are very profitable”

Fake honey is flooding the EU. Most of it comes from China and Turkey. “Scams are very profitable”

Almost half of the honey imported to the European Union contains forbidden additives. Most fake honey comes from China and Turkey.

The Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission, which reports that 16 Member States plus Norway and Switzerland took 320 samples, imported from 20 countries of the world. Samples taken between November 2021 and February 2022 were then delivered to the JRC for analysis. Poland also participated in this coordinated action, providing 103 samples.

Counterfeit honey in Europe. Most come from China and Turkey

The test results showed that 174 samples (46 percent) contained various additives, including sugar syrups made from rice, wheat or sugar beet. Meanwhile, according to European regulations, any additives in honey are prohibited. The report also states that the vast majority of fake honey came from (66 fakes out of 89 samples) and Turkey (14 fakes out of 15 samples).

A similar coordinated action was carried out in 2015-2017. The Joint Research Center pointed out that only 14% of of tested honey samples contained prohibited additives.

The beekeeping sector at risk. “Scams are very profitable”

‘The significant difference in price between genuine honey and sugar syrups explains why honey scams are very profitable,’ the document reads. The center noted that in 2021, the average price of imported honey was €2.32 per kilogram, while sugar syrups are available at 40-60 cents per kilogram.

In addition, the difficulty in detecting additives in honey and syrups makes this sector even more attractive to fraudsters. The Joint Research Center notes that the adulteration of honey obviously does not pose a direct threat to public health, but it remains an unfair practice for both honest honey producers and consumers.

Source: Gazeta

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