The mayor of Venice wants to give you a “diploma to stupidity” a young man who has thrown himself into a canal from the roof of a building. In a bathing suit, from the roof of a 3-story building, he jumped, ignoring the screams of the people who tried to convince him not to do it. He has escaped unharmed, but has caused the indignation of the Venetians.

This dangerous action took place this Friday in Venice, in the Campo San Pantalon area, where this young man climbed on the roof of a building and jumped into the water. The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, has spoken on his Twitter about this incident: “It deserves a diploma for stupidity and many kicks.”

In addition, Mayor Brugnaro has also pointed out that authorities are trying to identify both the author and his accomplice, who was recording the jump to share it on social networks.