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Blinken is “very concerned” about Mexico’s treatment of US companies.

Blinken is “very concerned” about Mexico’s treatment of US companies.

The Secretary of State for USAAntony Blinken, said Thursday that he is “very concerned” about the treatment that companies from his country receive in Mexicoafter a US mining company denounced that the Mexican military broke into its facilities in the Mexican Caribbean.

“I am very concerned about the treatment our companies receive in Mexico”declared the leader of US diplomacy during his appearance before a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives, where he warned that they could “to freeze” new investments.

In that session, Republican congressman Jerry Carl assured that the Mexican government illegally seized the facilities of the Vulcan Materials company, near Playa del Carmen (Mexico) and asked the Joe Biden Administration to show a “stronger stance” in defense of corporate America.

The Secretary of State assured that “repeatedly accosted” with the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the concern about the treatment that companies from his country receive in the Latin American country.

And regarding the specific case of the US mining company, he stated that the US Administration acted “very actively”both from the field and from the Government to defend it.

“We have requested information from both the local authorities and the federal government (of Mexico) about the military and police presence”Blinken said.

The Foreign Minister also warned that cases like this could “paralyze” other US investments in Mexico and opined that this “It should be a serious concern for the federal government.”

Jerry Carl was part of the congressional delegation that met with López Obrador last month in Mexico City and assured that the Mexican government promised him that the conflict with said mining company would be resolved.

The Mexican authorities already closed last year the Calica mining company of the American Vulcan Materials, in the Mexican Caribbean, accusing it of causing an ecological disaster and of being behind protests against the Mayan Train, the emblematic work of López Obrador for the area. .

López Obrador accused the Republican Party this Thursday of financing “pseudo-environmental” groups to oppose his infrastructure works.

The United States and Canada are also in dispute with Mexico within the USMCA free trade agreement, considering that López Obrador’s energy policy discriminates against their companies.

López Obrador’s statements represent an escalation in his conflict with Republicans after US senators proposed declaring war on Mexican cartels in order to use the Armed Forces to fight them.

Source: EFE

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