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Inventor of the abortion pill considers it “scandalous” to ban it

Inventor of the abortion pill considers it “scandalous” to ban it

Banning the abortion pill is “scandalous” and a “regression for women’s freedom”, believes its inventor, the French scientist Etienne-Emile Baulieu, after the measure adopted by the US state of Wyoming.

That western state last Friday became the first to ban the use of abortion pills in the United States.

It is yet another victory in a campaign by Tory-led administrations to roll back access to abortion.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, a Republican, called on lawmakers to go further and include a total ban on abortion in the state’s Constitution and submit it to a vote by citizens.

“It is a setback for the freedom of women, particularly for the most fragile, who will not have the resources to go to another State to obtain it,” This 96-year-old expert told AFP.

A physician by training, Baulieu specialized in the study of steroid hormones. Invited to work in the United States, in 1961 he gained the support of Gregory Pincus, father of the contraceptive pill, who convinced him to investigate sexual hormones.

Upon returning to France, he conceived an antihormone that managed to block the action of progesterone, essential for the implementation of the ovum in the uterus.

The RU-846 molecule, developed in 1982 with the help of the Roussel-Uclaf laboratory, becomes a safe and less traumatic medical alternative to surgical abortion.

That discovery sparked a harsh smear campaign against him by anti-abortion associations who accused him of inventing the “death pill.”

Abortion, which had been legalized as a federal right in the United States after a 1973 Supreme Court ruling (Roe vs. Wade), returned to being an exclusively state jurisdiction after a new ruling by the highest judicial authority last year.

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