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It is very healthy and can be planted in the garden.  Don’t miss the date, because the season is about to start

It is very healthy and can be planted in the garden. Don’t miss the date, because the season is about to start

Bear’s garlic is otherwise known as witch’s onion. And although it sounds eerie, it should not be avoided. On the contrary, because apart from being used in the kitchen, it turns out that it has exceptional properties. It grows naturally in Poland, but at the same time it is great for growing in the garden.

Wild garlic is an edible plant. We can often find it on store shelves, but we can also grow it ourselves. How to do it? We suggest how to grow wild garlic on your own.

Where to find wild garlic? In Poland, it occurs naturally in several areas

Why is bearberry said to be the witch’s onion? Well, in the past it was considered a means that protected people from ghosts and demons. It was hung in homes or carried with them. What is the difference between wild garlic and ? It is characterized by a stronger and more intense smell, but the taste is not as expressive as ordinary garlic. In addition, it does not have teeth, and lanceolate edible leaves. Few people know that wild garlic occurs naturally in Poland. It can be found, among others, in the Kampinos and Białowieża Forests as well as in the Bieszczady and Sudetes. It owes its name to bears, which eagerly eat it after waking up from sleep.

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Better save that date on your calendar. Wild garlic season is about to start

Wild garlic cannot be picked because it is partially protected. However, you can grow it in your home or garden. It is planted from September to October, keeping the appropriate distances of about 10 cm, and harvest takes place at the turn of March and April. Garlic is frost-resistant, so you can plant it in shady places without fear. It is perfect as an addition to sandwiches and salads as well as fish or meat dishes. It contains a number of medicinal values. The composition includes vitamins A, B and C, and in addition wild garlic supports the immune system, has bactericidal and virucidal properties.

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