March 20, 2003. The Baghdad night fills with flames as the first missiles fall on the city. It was the beginning of a war that was born from lies, a invasion of iraq who is 20 years old.

The three main promoters of this war, known as the ‘Azores trio’ (George Bush, Tony Blair and José María Aznar) sought to liberate the Iraqi people from saddam hussein and of the supposed weapons of mass destruction that he had, which never appeared, as well as the ties of the dictator with Al Qaeda.

Jesús Núñez, co-director of the Institute for Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action, talks about the reasons that led to carrying out a “illegal war” that can “stain anyone who participates” in it. “There is still a need for some participant of the disastrous ‘trio from the Azores’ to apologize,” he reproaches.

The response to the lies of the United States and its allies was unanimous on the part of the citizens in the streets, which made the ‘Not to the war‘. There were also journalists who were victims of war, among them the Spanish Jose Couso and Julio Anguita.

Those responsible for these deaths were not tried and the governments refused to collaborate with the Justice.