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These seniors can submit an application for PLN 200 towards the old-age pension every month for life. They will not do it in ZUS

Three groups of seniors can count on an additional PLN 200 to their pension for life and every month. In order to receive them, however, they must meet several conditions and submit an application. Importantly, they will not do it at the Social Insurance Institution. Also, this is not the office that pays the money. Where should they go?

After meeting certain conditions, seniors who have contributed particularly to society can count on an additional PLN 200 to their pension every month. Where should they apply for it?

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Who will receive PLN 200 in addition to the pension? There are three groups

A pension supplement in the amount of PLN 200 is granted for life and regardless of the amount charged . What’s more, you get it every month. Who can count on him? We are talking about volunteer firefighters and mountain rescuers, i.e.:

  • firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department,
  • rescuers from the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service, or TOPR,
  • rescuers from the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, i.e. GOPR.

What other conditions must be met to receive additional money? Social Security will not pay them

In addition, in the amount of PLN 200, only those rescuers and firefighters can count on it they regularly took part in rescue operations. Regular means at least once a year. In addition, they have reached the general retirement age, i.e. 60 years for women, 65 years for month i appropriate length of service, which is 20 years for women and 25 years for men, respectively. Only after meeting all the conditions, the interested party may apply. Importantly, this is not done at ZUS, but at the municipal or poviat fire brigade commander. The payment is handled by the Pension and Disability Institution of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.

Source: Gazeta


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