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Taliban put down the largest female protest in Kabul’s history with sticks and shots

The taliban they have suffocated this Tuesday a protest en the capital of Afghanistan, Acceptance, with blows against women and with shots in the air. A demonstration, mostly made up of women, called for Pakistan’s non-intervention in the Afghan crisis, in addition to demanding respect for women’s rights. This is the largest protest ever seen in the history of Kabul, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets, according to Aisha Ahmad, an Afghan freelance journalist. The same journalist has reported multitude of wounded and three dead by shooting into the air with live ammunition.

Videos circulating on social media show a group of protesters near the Pakistani Embassy holding banners with messages such as “Pakistan, get out of Afghanistan”In addition to a group of women who, as they have been doing since last week, have taken to the streets of Kabul to demand their inclusion in the future Taliban government and in decision-making positions.

The Taliban have tried to put down the demonstration with blows. In the video that accompanies this news you can see a Taliban member beating a woman and several members of the Taliban firing long bursts into the air.

In addition, Afghan media denounce that the Taliban have arrested the station’s Wahid Ahmadi camera. Tolo News, who was covering the protest in Kabul.

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