Just as the ninth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, Zelensky celebrates an order that, he says, is historic. “The criminal operation would not have been possible without the order of the top leader,” he expressed in one of his videos. He thus referred to the warrant released this Friday International Criminal Court (ICC) against the Russian president Vladimir Putinfor the deportation of children from Ukraine to Russia. most of international leaders They have supported the arrest.

The Ukrainian government claims that more than 16,000 children from occupied areas have been robbed and taken across the border, an operation for which Putin is being held accountable. Also to the alleged executor of the plan: Maria Lvova-Belovaresponsible for the children’s rights in Russia.

The Moscow reaction The Hague decision has not been long in coming. The former Russian president Dimitri Medvedevhas tweeted that “no need to explain where you will use this document” and accompanies it with the icon of a toilet paper roll.

Like Russia, The United States does not recognize the International Criminal Court. However, when asked by journalists, its president, Joe Biden, affirms that the decision is totally justified. “He has clearly committed war crimes,” Biden said.

President Sánchez has also shown his support for the order issued: “No crime should go unpunished.” The German president has also been blunt. “No one is above the law. This is a fundamental pillar of international law,” he has sentenced Olaf Schölz.

The Serbian president, close to kremlinhas assured the Tanjug news agency that with this decision “the world is on the way to an acceleration of the conflictFor its part, China assures that the Xi Jinping’s trip to Russia It will be a peace visit and they add that they are in favor of an agreement that ends the war.