The International Criminal Court issued a ruling on Friday international arrest warrant against the Russian president Vladimir Putin, for war crimes. considered responsible for the illegal deportation of Ukrainian minors captured during the war.

Although Russia is not a member of the International Criminal Court and the Kremlin has expressed that this order is “legally null”, for the moment Putin you will not be able to travel to any member country of the International Criminal Court. The reason is that all these countries (a total of 123) They have an obligation to stop it.

On the other hand, you can travel to China or Iraq countries that do not recognize the treaty either. The Russian president will have to choose very carefully where he goes from now on because he could be detained as alleged war criminal.

The International Criminal Court accuses him, 387 days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraineof being “allegedly responsible for the crimes of deportation and illegal transfer of children from the occupied areas of the Ukraine to Russia”.

The arrest warrant also includes the commissioner for the rights of the child in Russia, Maria Lvova-Belova. She is accused of the same crimes as Putin.

The Ukrainian government estimates that about 16,000 children have been displaced against their will into Russian territory, an accusation that the Kremlin has always denied. However, the International Court Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating these events for months and think it is something that is happening.