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Tremendous shootout between Mexican military and hit men who wanted to free a dangerous cartel boss

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Soldiers and assassins from Mexico have staged a tremendous shootout to free an imprisoned capo, Duranguillo, the head of one of the most dangerous branches of the Sinaloa cartel. First, they offered a millionaire bribe, but the military did not accept it and up to 60 gunmen started shooting it, unleashing chaos throughout the municipality.

In total there were 60 assassins from Sinaloa cutting the road and surrounding with their vehicles soldiers from the Mexican Army to free one of the branches of the cartel linked to Chapo Guzmán.

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The 15 soldiers in charge of guarding the Duranguillo and his three escorts did not fall for the bribes of the criminals. “They were offering them that if they released the gang leader, nothing would happen to them, they were offering the group of soldiers 10 million pesos“, explained the Mexican president.

A refusal that was not liked and to which the cartel responded with an increase in violence: a shootout throughout the city that generated chaos. Moments of tension that the 15 soldiers and the two bases that came in reinforcement, were able to face causing the hitmen to flee, who were unable to recover their capo. In the confrontation, a soldier and a member of the cartel have died and two are wounded.

Source: Lasexta

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