A few days ago, a rumor spread social networks that he is the “Emperor of Beauty”, Osmel Sousa has passed away. However, this was a lie and he himself reappeared to deny his death from an alleged heart attack.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions reality show from Telemundo The “hall of fame” is Sousa, when his wig doesn’t fall off before going to bed, the veteran causes a stir with his funny and sour comments, which is why his colleagues respect, care and love him, reports People in Spanish.

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Osmel Sousa reappears to deny rumors of his death

“Today they said that I died of a heart attack,” the controversial wrote character in their networks along with a mocking emoticon. “I just want to tell you that dead people don’t tweet,” commented Osmel Sousa, continuing, “And that you can now see me on House of Famous.”

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“I love you,” he continued his statement in Twitter where he denies his death. – I have about 40 years left to live.

It is not the first time that Osmel is considered dead, but in 2011 they “killed” him by assuring that he suffered a cardiac arrest in a clinic in Caracas, Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Sousa continues to enjoy his good streak on the reality show, as he has never been nominated for elimination, and it looks like he won’t be as his relationship with his peers and the love the audience has for him helps him progress. in a summer house, which could take him to the top program. (AND)