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Russia Responds To Chinese ‘Joke’ Saying US Is ‘Invisible Hand’ In Ukraine

Russia Responds To Chinese ‘Joke’ Saying US Is ‘Invisible Hand’ In Ukraine

Russia stated on Tuesday that USA is driving the war on Ukraineassuring that the Chinese foreign minister was joking when he said that the fault lay with a “invisible hand”

The spokesman for kremlin, Dmitry PeskovHe gushed about China’s importance in world affairs, saying that Moscow is paying close attention to the 12-point peace plan to Ukraine that Beijing published last month.

The statements of peskov came after the Chinese Foreign Minister, qin gangwill affirm that the Ukrainian crisis seems to be directed by an invisible hand that presses to extend and aggravate the conflict and uses it “to serve certain geopolitical agendas.”

“Here we can probably disagree with our Chinese comrades. This is, of course, a joke. You know what the joke is: this is not an invisible hand, it is the hand of the United States of America, it is the hand of Washington“, said peskov.

“Washington does not want this war to end. Washington wants and is doing everything possible to continue this war. This is the visible hand.” added.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that the United States and its allies are using Ukraine to wage war against it. This version is rejected by kyiv and the West, who claim that Ukraine is fighting for its survival against land grabbing by the Russian empire.

Referring to the Chinese ceasefire initiative announced last month, Peskov said that Moscow is in permanent contact with Beijing.

“A big, gigantic, powerful and authoritative country like China cannot help but have its own voice on those problems that are high on the world agenda”he claimed peskov. “We pay great attention to all the ideas we hear from our colleagues in Beijing.”

The deferential tone reflected Moscow’s growing confidence in China at a time when the West tries to isolate Moscow and hit its economy with sanctions. Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping signed a partnership “unlimited” less than three weeks before Putin sent his army into Ukraine in February of last year.

China he has refused to single out Russia as an aggressor, while often criticizing the United States for intimidating other countries with sanctions. At the same time, he has expressed deep concern that the conflict could escalate or “gets out of control”.

Source: Reuters

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