Club Sport Emelec fans were outraged by a blow to the monument in honor of George Capwell, the founder of the Guayaquil institution, by a visitor to his museum, located in Puerto Santa Ana.

In the video circulating on the social network Twitter, a young man can be seen approaching and punching the figure in the face. He can also be heard laughing along with the person filming the reprehensible act.

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“It’s not a fan thing; it spoils, without culture,” posted Twitter user @PaopaoBsc.

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@diegopaulviac comments: “This freak should not enter the stadium again; His face and name could be shown on the screens (I don’t know if this is allowed) so that he learns to respect the icons of the club”.

“I’m not an emelecist, but the history of clubs, and even more traditional ones, should always be respected,” says @diegopaulviac.

In the face of these claims, José Pileggi, the president of the electrical companies, released a statement in which he stated: “On behalf of all of us who make up the Club Sport Emelec Museum, we reject all kinds of malicious actions within our facilities.”

“The people who made the video are already being identified and will be punished with a permanent ban,” he continues.

“We remember that our purpose is to encourage love for sports and culture; therefore, respect is requested for all the exhibits displayed in the museum”, he concludes. (D)