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President of Ecuador lowers fuel prices without satisfying indigenous people

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The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, lowered fuel prices, the origin of the indigenous protests, but without satisfying the protesters who on Monday celebrate 15 days of road blockades in the country, which has put oil production in a difficult situation. criticism.

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This decision is not enough, it is insensitive”, expressed the powerful Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie), after Lasso announced on Sunday night a reduction of 10 cents on the dollar that leaves diesel at US$1.80 and gasoline at US$2.45.

The demonstrators demand that the government lower prices to US$1.50 for a gallon of diesel and US$2.10 for regular gasoline.

The decision of the Executivedoes not sympathize with the situation of poverty faced by millions of families”, Conaie said on Monday in a statement signed by its owner, Leonidas Iza, adding that “our fight does not stop and the protest continues”.

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The organization also analyzes if it accepts to talk with the Executive after a first approach on Saturday.

Lasso, in power for a year, is cornered by the demonstrations and the opposition, which is discussing his possible dismissal in Congress.

The roadblocks and the seizure of more than a thousand wells in the midst of the outbreak have the oil sector, the main export item, in check. If the protests continue, the country could paralyze all production on Tuesday, according to the government.

Danger: deadly force

On Sunday, Parliament debated for the second day the advisability of dismissing Lasso, whom a sector of the opposition considers responsible for the “serious political crisis and internal commotion” that the country has been experiencing since June 13, when the indigenous protests began.

The session was postponed for Tuesday, pending the intervention of 20 deputies in the debate of the 84 who had requested the floor.

The Union for Hope caucus, related to former socialist president Rafael Correa (2007-2017), proposed the dismissal of Lasso, who sees social pressure as a coup attempt.

The dismissal of the president requires 92 of the 137 votes in the Legislative, where the opposition has a majority, although it is fragmented.

When the debates conclude, the deputies will have a maximum of 72 hours to vote.

If the dismissal of the former banker is approved, Vice President Alfredo Borrero will assume power and presidential and legislative elections will be called for the rest of the period, until 2025.

Ecuador gained a reputation for being ungovernable after the abrupt departure of three leaders between 1997 and 2005 due to social pressure.

The current ones are the longest indigenous protests in recent history in the country.

Dialogue and force of law

Some 14,000 indigenous people are protesting in Ecuador to demand relief to alleviate poverty in their agricultural territories.

On Monday “let’s get together to continue fighting in the streets”, Iza announced with a megaphone in hand the day before in a central park in Quito, which has become the nucleus of the mobilizations in which some 10,000 natives from their towns participate.

The aborigines, who in the capital have staged strong confrontations with the public force, represent more than one million of the 17.7 million inhabitants.

To try to reduce tension, Lasso ended a state of emergency on Saturday, under which he imposed a night curfew and militarized the city for a week, although the center remains heavily guarded by the public force, AFP found.

International and human rights organizations are calling for an end to the violence.

Pope Francis called on Sunday on Twitter to “dialogue” Already “social peace”.

Lasso blames Iza for the protests in which five demonstrators have died and more than 400 injured among soldiers and natives.

Here there is no social fighter, here is an anarchist who wants to overthrow a government”, the ruler said in an interview with CNN on Saturday.

In parallel, hundreds of demonstrators take to the streets of Quito in rejection of the indigenous protests, with white flags and in caravans of cars.

Ecuador, whose dollarized economy was beginning to recover from the effects of the pandemic, loses some US$50 million a day due to the crisis, according to official figures.

Without notable political backing, Lasso now has the support of the military.

Ecuadorians seeking dialogue will find a government with an outstretched hand. Those who seek chaos, violence and terrorism, the full force of the law”, warned the president on Sunday.

Source: Gestion

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