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Only 4 parliaments in the world have more women than men

Only 4 parliaments in the world have more women than men

In 2022, it was celebrated that New Zealand He managed to have more women than men in his parliament. Where the votes gave 60 legislators and 59 men.

It was great news for women parliamentarians around the world. So far, four of the 200 parliaments around the world have achieved the same figure of parity. However, none of them are the most powerful nations in the G7.

Countries with more women in politics

Republic of Rwanda

In 2008, this country became the first country in the world with a national congress elected with a majority of women.

Following a genocide in 1994, women played a key role in stabilizing the country. Already in 2003, quotas for female representation were introduced by law.


The largest representation of female legislators in Cuba it is the result of the socialist revolution of 1959. Although, the United Nations affirms that the country still has a lot to do to achieve gender equality.


After the 2021 general elections, more female legislators than male legislators entered the Nicaraguan Parliament. The news offers hope that the situation will improve, as the country banned all types of abortion in 2006.

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