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Ortiz de Zevallos: «Castillo is a Shining Path wimp and the narco-states of Cuba and Venezuela»

Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos, Peruvian constitutional lawyer, judicial “hammer” of the new extreme left government of Peru, qualifies the new president of the country, Pedro Castillo, as “shining path fighter, the extreme left and the narco-states of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia». Ortiz de Zevallos explains – in a long interview with OKDIARIO members – that “Pedro Castillo is a puppet of the Marxist left. A rural teacher of low cultural level who called himself ‘prosor’ because he did not know that the word professor has three syllables until he was recently taught to pronounce it correctly. That is your level. Castillo is the puppet leader of MOVADEF, the front of the Communist Party Shining Path».

For Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos, Castillo’s election “after massive electoral fraud” hides huge political and economic interests of China and the narco-states of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia: “China – which finances Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia – Peru is also of interest now because it is one of the world’s leading copper producers, along with Chile, and also has lithium, the material used to make batteries for electric cars.

Ortiz de Zevallos also predicts that Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia will «Fed up with drug trafficking because Peru is the world’s leading producer of cocaine and also grows poppies in the north, together with Ecuador. Hence the interest, he explains, in putting a “puppet” president like Castillo to “validate the Shining Path in the Vraem and Upper Selva region” where the narco-terrorist group is still installed and where drugs are produced. “Shining Path exports it from there to Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba, which are financed by drug trafficking.”

Gonzalo Ortíz de Zevallos is clear that the Shining Path has taken power in Peru and hence the appointment of Guido Bellido as president of the Council of Ministers and of ministers such as Labor, Iber Maraví, among others, linked to the terrorist group that caused more than 70,000 deaths in the country. «Naming Bellido as prime minister is as if in Spain we were appointing Arnaldo Otegi? », We asked him. Ortiz de Zevallos knows them all well: «Of course. Guido Bellido is a person deeply identified with the terrorism of the Shining Path, the foreign powers of Cuba and Venezuela, and the Sao Paulo Forum. He is the henchman of Vladimir Cerrón, the leader of the Peru Libre Communist Party, who defines himself as a Marxist-Leninist, Maoist and Mariateguist [el mariateguismo es la ideología que une el marxismo y el indigenismo en Perú y América Latina]. Bellido has met with the Shining Path narco-terrorists in the region [cocalera] del Vraem».

Pardon to Abimael Guzmán

For all this, Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos is clear that the new president, Pedro Castillo, will end up pardoning and releasing the old and bloody Shining Path boss, Abimael Guzmán, imprisoned for 29 years and sentenced to life imprisonment: «I am convinced that he is going to pardon him. Castillo is the leader of MOVADEF, the facade [política] of the Shining Path ».

For now, the new Minister of Justice, Aníbal Torres, has already ordered, in one of his first measures, to transfer him from the Maximum Security Detention Center of the Callao Naval Base (dependent on the army) to common prisons administered by the National Penitentiary Institute, dependent on the Government itself. «Abimael Guzmán is a destructive man without any sense of what life is. He founded the Shining Path Communist Party and ordered the killing of women, children, men and women religious, police, military … especially in the poorest Andean rural areas. He caused more than 70,000 deaths, ”Ortiz de Zevallos recalls indignantly. But, apart from one of the greatest criminals in Latin America, the lawyer recalls that “Abimael Guzmán has also inspired the formula to conquer the state from within, to infiltrate the state, the judiciary, the prosecution … to destroy the state from within. ‘ It is the formula that we defend in Spain and the extreme left of independence.

In the line of “validating” the Shining Path, Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos accuses Pedro Castillo of crime of “treason against the fatherland” for giving Guido Bellido and ministers linked to the Shining Path access to confidential information on the fight against terrorism: «Castillo has granted Bellido access to all national intelligence information. In other words, you will have access to the identity of the people who work in the fight against terrorism in the Vraem region. These people – he predicts – like the police and the military will be assassinated by the Shining Path because the narco-terrorists are going to have the strategic and action plans. The consequence will be that the fight against narco-terrorism in Vraem is suspended and that the Shining Path prevails in Vraem and then throughout the country. For Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos, the new power of Peru intends exactly this: to promote and control the big drug business, without hindrance, to help finance Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia.

Shoemaker, Purse and Churches

We remind you that the vice president Yolanda Diaz enthusiastically greeted Castillo’s appointment and that Juan Carlos Wallet traveled to his inauguration as president: «The intention of these characters – he says – and I also refer to Zapatero from the PSOE, to Monedero and Iglesias it is chrematistic. They go there to destroy and, incidentally, charge a large sum of money. They have already offered Castillo their professional services. The truth is that all of them and President Sánchez himself are aligned with the Sao Paulo Forum.

Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos speaks with pride of miscegenation in Peru and revolts against Castillo’s indigenism: “Castillo endorses the indigenist narrative created by the British and American empires to destroy Spain. He is subjected to that imperialist thought and that of the Sao Paulo Forum, which wants to instrumentalize that message of indigenousism to generate hatred, racism and class struggle and take power.

“99% of the population in Peru is mestizo and miscegenation is a source of pride for all Peruvians,” says Ortiz de Zevallos, who looks at the camera, points with his finger, recalls the “low cultural level” of the “puppet »Castillo and adds:« You, Pedro Castillo, do not know what you are talking about. Your last name is Castillo and your last name is Terrones. Do you know where their surnames come from? From Spain”. And he ends it by saying: «You, Pedro Castillo, have adopted a ridiculous hat as a symbol. That hat, which was not ridiculous when the Spaniards imported it, is a Spanish and Flanders hat ».

Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos intends to continue, without respite, his legal battle against the new government of Pedro Castillo and the narco-terrorist organization Sendero Luminoso. Peru has become the last leg of Bolivarian Castroism, linked to drug trafficking, in Latin America.

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