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Europe is closely monitoring the problem on the border between Belarus and Poland

Both countries and the European Union have different views of what should be done with migrants at their borders.

The tension between Poland and Belarus continues due to the case of immigrants on their borders.

This Friday it was indicated that between 7,000 and 8,000 citizens of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, in the north of the Arab country, are “trapped” on the border between Poland and Belarus, where they try to enter illegally the territory of the European Union. (EU), told Efe a head of the Kurdish government.

“There are between 7,000 and 8,000 Kurds stranded on the border between Belarus and Poland,” said the head of foreign media relations for the Iraqi Kurdistan Government, Lawk Ghafuri.

The official added that the Kurdish Executive, in coordination with the central Baghdad government, is providing flights for Iraqi citizens to return voluntarily, but “there is still no information on how many asked to return.”

“The situation of the Kurds and all other migrants on the border between Belarus and Poland is bad. They are suffering for various reasons, including a lack of security and a lack of basic human needs, especially for children, ”he added.

He also maintained that the Kurdish authorities “are working closely with the Iraqi federal government to reduce the wave of migrants.”

The Government of Iraq has announced the organization for November 18 of the first “voluntary” repatriation flight of Iraqi migrants who are stranded on the border between Belarus and Poland.

The Iraqi authorities already announced on November 12 that they would repatriate their nationals who requested it with the possibility of opening a flight from Baghdad or Erbil (the capital of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan) to Beirut and then to Minsk to transport those who wish to return.

The Foreign Ministry has taken measures such as suspending direct flights from Iraq to Belarus, but denounces that the problem is that several nationals travel to the European country through Qatar, the United Arab Emirates or Egypt.

The EU accuses the regime of Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko of organizing migrant transfers from Middle Eastern countries to the border that Belarus has with Poland or Lithuania, where thousands of these people remain.

Brussels has considered this situation a “hybrid attack” launched by Minsk and not a typical migration crisis. (I)

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