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Minjus: relations with Mexico can improve if AMLO apologizes

Minjus: relations with Mexico can improve if AMLO apologizes

He Justice minister, Jose Tello Alfaronoted that there is a possibility that the tense diplomatic situation with Mexico disappear if the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador “change attitude”.

“It is something that depends on the change in attitude that the president of Mexico may have, that does not depend on us. We have an interest in maintaining a good relationship with Mexico.” He commented in an interview with Radio Nacional.

He also pointed out that the fact that only one business delegate is placed means that there is a minimum of relationship.

There would be the possibility of improving (bilateral relations) only to the extent that Mr. López Obrador changes his narrative and, really, until he offers an apology,” added.

Tello Alfaro emphasized that the Mexican president interfered in the internal affairs of the country.

“We have a case of interference, that must be said categorically. When it comes to foreign policy, you have to be very respectful of the internal affairs of each country. Mr. López Obrador has had a series of opinions that are inadmissible. The lord should worry about the affairs of his country.” added.

It should be noted that last Friday, February 24, the government of Dina Boluarte issued a statement announcing the withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador in Mexico.

This after accusing López Obrador of interference by supporting the former president’s failed self-coup Pedro Castillo.

“I have ordered the definitive retirement of our ambassador in the United Mexican States and, in this way, diplomatic relations between Peru and Mexico are formally at the level of business managers,” Boluarte pointed out.

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