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The EU prepares more sanctions against Belarus due to the crisis on the border with Poland and Lithuania

The European Union plans to give the green light on Monday to a new legal framework to impose new sanctions on Belarus for the “hybrid attack” that he blames on Minsk, whom he accuses of pushing migrants towards the European border.

The EU foreign ministers, meeting in Brussels, hope to approve a new legal framework to promote what will now be the fifth round of sanctions against Aleksandr Lukashenko’s regime, which prevailed again in the last presidential elections in the country, elections that the EU called fraud and after which it imposed different sanctions.

Now, the Twenty-seven want to expand that legal framework to punish those responsible for the situation in the Belarus border with Poland and Lithuania, according to community and diplomatic sources cited by Efe. There, thousands of people remain trapped in inhuman conditions and enduring increasingly freezing temperatures.

In the last hours there have been new irregular entries of migrants, according to the Polish Police, who have reported that an agent was injured by throwing stones from Belarusian territory.

According to the aforementioned agency, the political agreement for the new framework that will allow another round of sanctions has already been reached at the level of European ambassadors and only It remains that it receives the approval of the ministers Europeans, although no names can yet be added to the list of those sanctioned on the same Monday, since the work must continue, according to the sources cited, who acknowledge that some countries have already made concrete proposals in this regard.

The EU is even “exploring” the possibility of sanction those airlines “that do not collaborate” and “are complicit” in the transfer of migrants from Middle Eastern countries to Belarus, as community spokesperson Dana Spinant acknowledged last Friday. The European Commission affirms that it has already obtained the commitment of various airlines in this regard, since it holds Lukashenko responsible for orchestrating these trips to bring migrants to the European border to exert pressure politics.

In anticipation of the new sanctions that Europe is preparing, Lukashenko already threatened last Thursday with close the passage of Russian gas to Europe. However, on Saturday Vladimir Putin warned him this Saturday of the “great damage” that this could cause to the European energy sector and that it would not contribute to their relations.

Precisely, this sunday Britain has urged Russia to intervene in what Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss has called a “shameful manufactured migration crisis.” In an article published in ‘The Sunday Telegraph’, Truss asserts that Moscow has “a clear responsibility” to put an end to the situation and assures that London “will not look the other way”.

Despite Putin denying any connection to the border crisis, experts point to the geopolitical interests of the Kremlin in the area, as explained in this video:

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