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Surrealist: a presenter tries to call for calm from Afghans flanked by two armed Taliban

The new one Afghanistan situation under the Taliban he is offering all sorts of sadly surreal images. The Islamic extremists have tried to convey the idea that they arrive more moderate than in their previous stage in power, 20 years ago, but their nature leads them to maintain their violent customs. It is the case of this video collected on Afghan television. In it you see a presenter who tries to convey a message of calm and tranquility to the population, but he does so with a petrified face of fear flanked by two armed Taliban who monitor, always within the shot, the presenter’s message.

This tries to say that the Afghan people should not fear the Islamic Emirate that the Taliban have begun to impose on the country but surrounded by a total of eight armed Taliban, the content of the message radically collides with the continent.

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